Minimalist Diaries

Minimalist Diaries is a visual diary curated by Makenzie Riley Odebunmi, OC-based graphic designer and communications director. Makenzie created Minimalist Diaries as a creative outlet, with hopes that it would become a staple for women looking for fashion, beauty, art or lifestyle inspiration. Graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design and her experience as a freelance designer has led Makenzie to develop a refined aesthetic and vision. When she is not out exploring Orange County or spending time with family/friends, she is working as a freelance designer and runs the communications for her church. You may view her design work at

The Name

The name "Minimalist Diaries" came from Makenzie's love for intentional simplicity. She is continually inspired by a minimalistic approach to fashion, art, health and lifestyle. Everyone has their own take on what minimalism is, & Makenzie is so excited to share her version. A diary refers to a personal accounting of experiences, which is ultimately Makenzie's goal through this space. She want's to share the thing's that excite her, and ultimately give her followers the courage to submerge themselves in to what inspires them most.

“Simplicity is the highest form of sophistication.”